Team Selections

Teams are selected on the Wednesday prior to a match.
Please assist your captains by putting your names down on the teamsheet in good time, or by responding via Teamer (not on Teamer? Click here to sign up)

Saturday 14th May vs Windlesham

Away | 3 Rinks, 3 Triples | Dress: Whites

Saturday League
Rink 1 Rink 2 Rink 3
Peter Botting Francis Greene John Smith
Alfie Simmons Arthur Cheung Bob Campbell
Dennis Knight Gareth Garczynski-Alesbury Trevor Botly
Larry Webster Rodney Morrison Chris How
Sapphire League
Rink 4 Rink 5 Rink 6
Sheila Wey Helen Varley Rose Uwins
Arthur Knowles John Diggens Mike Ashton
Kay Deans Colin Mitchell Eddie Mitchell