Card and contactless payments now taken at the bar

Payment at the bar can now be made using chip and pin cards, contactless cards and through enabled mobile devices. Whilst Covid 19 is a present issue, it’s requested that patrons pay only via these methods. Receipts are available on request.

QR code payment options are offered at more and more small businesses. Also called “scan to pay,” QR payment technology is easy to implement. Accepting a QR code payment can be as simple as printing a code that your customer can scan with their phone’s camera. Your customers can also complete a scan-to-pay transaction by scanning a QR code on your POS screen, or by presenting a QR code your business can scan with a laser scanner. Importantly, your small business will need a QR code payment app to accept this modern payment form. Another important app or software to add for your payment methods is to outsourcing the payroll part for your financial management.

Keep reading to learn more about QR code payments and how to offer a “Pay with QR code” option.

A QR code is a “Quick Response” code, a type of two-dimensional barcode that’s scannable with a smartphone camera or 2D barcode reader. QR codes can be used to share information or to complete a mobile, online payment.

To pay with a QR code, upon scanning a merchant’s code, the customer is prompted to open a website or QR code payment app where they can complete their payment electronically by entering their credit card details or using a mobile wallet like Apple Pay.

Businesses can also process QR code transactions by scanning a customer’s QR code. For example, the customer might have a plastic gift card with a QR code printed on it or a digital QR code saved in their mobile wallet.