Visually Impaired

We are very lucky here at Stoke Park Bowling Club to have a thriving all year round section for the Visually Impaired. This part of the club is for all types of bowlers from the totally blind to the partial sighted.

We meet once a week on a Monday afternoon at 2pm and during the summer months our bowling takes place outdoors at Stoke Park Bowling Club. During the cold winter months we are very lucky and take our bowling along to use the indoor facilities at the nearby Wey Valley Indoor Bowling Club.

When we play outdoors during the summer months, we play both normal length bowls and short mat bowls and when we bowl indoors during the winter months, we play normal length bowls. So something to keep you interested all year round.

From time to time during the bowling season we have some special matches arranged for the Visually Impaired team which are played both at home and away.

All members of the Visually Impaired section of the club are also welcome to join in the clubs various social events which are held throughout the season and include events like quizzes and musical evenings.

Not only do we welcome all new members to the Visually Impaired section of our bowling club, but we would like to continue to carry on all the good work done over the last few years in continuing to expand this section. To do this we would also welcome any help from normally sighted people who might have some free time and can help in any way.

We would like to thank those who have helped throughout the past seasons as without your help, we would not have this thriving section.

If you are interested in joining the Visually Impaired section of our bowling club, then please call Norman Cuthbert on the number below or alternatively please fill out some details and send us an email on our Contact us page.

Please contact: Norman Cuthbert. 01483 828004