Club Rule Book

Updated | 30 September 2016


Each member shall be provided with copies of the Club Constitution and Rule Book currently in force.


Each member will receive a Fixture Card on payment of the annual subscription


A book containing a full list of members must be kept on display in the Clubhouse.


Visitors and guests shall be deemed to be Honorary Members for the day and entitled to use all of the Club’s facilities.  All visiting players and any guests will need to be signed for in the visitors’ book.  The latter must be kept on display in the Clubhouse.  The name of the host member introducing the visitor(s) and guest(s) must be recorded and individual host members are to be responsible for ensuring that this Rule is complied with.

5        DRESS CODE

Players, Markers and Umpires shall wear approved bowling footwear whilst on the green.  Dress for all matches and competitions shall be either “greys” or “whites” as advised by the Committee.  For a roll up or individual practice, players shall wear approved footwear, white above the waist and plain grey below.  Regulation white or grey shorts may be worn as an alternative to trousers.  Women are permitted to wear slacks (cropped or full length) or culottes.  Women’s skirts are to have two inverted pleats back and front.

As an exceptional matter members may dress in mufti when playing in the Fast Five on a designated weekday evening, subject only to the condition that they wear approved footwear.

6        THE GREEN

The suitability of the green for play will be at the discretion of Council Official responsible for the maintenance of the green.  Any complaints or suggestions by members regarding the green and its maintenance must be made to the Hon, Secretary in writing and never directly to the Council Official.


The Green shall be open for play to Members during the season on weekdays (i.e. Monday to Friday inclusive) from 12.30pm to 10.30pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 10.00am to 10.30pm.  Extensions to these times for special occasions may be negotiated with the appropriate Council Official by the Committee.


A comprehensive set of Rules for all internal Club competitions shall be prominently displayed in the Clubhouse.

Existing Club members shall play at least eight weekend friendly games in a season and fulfil any match/tea duties (see Rule 8) in the same season before they can be considered for selection in team/s representing the Club in external competitions.  Exceptions to this Rule may only be allowed at the discretion of the Committee.

The cost of entry to any internal Club competitions shall be determined by the Committee annually, unless this has been done at an Annual or Special General Meeting

8        DUTY ROTAS

All members shall be eligible to be included on the match/tea, clubhouse cleaning and/or bar duty rotas.  Any member with good and sufficient reason for exclusion from any rota may request the Committee to exclude his or her name.

Rotas shall be prepared by any member(s) of the Committee so nominated and shall be displayed on the Club notice board, at the commencement of the season.

Any member who wishes to alter his/her rota obligations shall find a replacement and make the necessary changes on the posted rota.

The Committee has the reserved right to decide what action, if any, should be taken in any case where a member does not fulfil their duty rota obligations.

As and when the need arises members may be requested to assist with the cleaning and general maintenance of the premises.

9        CLUB BAR

A bar steward shall be appointed by the Committee which, at its discretion, may also appoint a bar sub-committee.

Bar prices will be reviewed and set by the Committee on an annual basis.  That said the Committee may, at its discretion, amend prices at any time

Bar hours permitted for the supply of alcoholic drinks shall be governed by the Licensing Act 2003.  For registered clubs the permitted hours of opening are:

  • Weekdays other than Christmas Day or Good Friday – 11.00am to 11.00pm.
  • Sundays and Good Friday – 12 noon to 10.30pm.
  • The Club will be closed on Christmas Day

The bar stock cupboard and the bar itself shall be locked at all times they are not in use during permitted hours.

Drinks may only be taken from the Clubhouse to the designated patio area.  No drinks may be taken onto the playing surface.


Players selected for away matches where a Club arranged coach has been hired shall pay their share of the hire charge whether or not they choose to travel by coach.


The Committee shall be responsible for the payment of all Club bills/debts from Club funds.

The Club’s Honorary Treasurer shall, at his or her discretion, provide working floats for catering and bar expenditure purposes.  All other cash receipts shall be paid into the Club’s bank account.

12   Accounts

The Club accounts shall be made up to the 30th September annually, independently examined and presented to the relevant Annual General Meeting.


Furniture and fittings, including the contents of the Clubhouse and storage shed shall be the property of the Club.  An inventory shall be kept by the Secretary.


Members shall, should they so wish, be provided with personal keys to the Club.  A small charge will be levied to cover the cutting cost.  Each such member is to be responsible for the safety of their keys and the proper operation of any Club security system.


Continual review of safeguarding policies, procedures and practice is to be ongoing and overseen by the Committee’s Vulnerable Person’s Officer who will report to the Committee at each of its meetings.  Accidents that occur within the Clubhouse or on the green and the surrounding verges and pathways must be recorded in the Accident Book.  The latter is to be kept and displayed in the Clubhouse.


No rules shall be altered, added or repealed unless voted upon at the Club’s Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose.

Within the framework of these Rules and also regarding such matters not specifically detailed herein, the decision of the Committee shall be final.

30 September 2016