Men’s Handicap

Each player uses four (4) bowls each
First player to 21 shots wins the match
Each player is allocated a handicap between 0 – 7 at the start of the season by the Competition Committee
Each player’s handicap is added to their score before the start of the match

Round 1
by 7th June
Quarter Finals
by 12th July
Semi Finals
by 16th Aug
31 Aug & 01 Sep
C. Mitchell  (4) QF1 SF1 F1
K. Palmer  (4)
P. Tappenden  (2) QF2
D. Cansell  (5)
A. Simmons  (3) QF2 SF2
K. Johnson  (3)
G. G-Alesbury  (3) QF4
J. Empringham  (1)
M. Medhurst  (2) QF5 SF4 F2
F. Smith  (5)
J. Dye  (1) QF6
G. Iles  (4)
  T. Botly  (4) SF4
  J. Diggens  (7)