3 Wood Pairs

Pairs are drawn at random by the Competition Committee
Each player uses three (3) bowls each
The game consists of two (2) sets of 9 ends
The mat on the first end of each set alternates (e.g. Set 1 to Pair A, Set 2 to Pair B)
If after 9 ends the set score is tied, the set is shared
If after two sets both pairs have won 1 set, or both sets were shared, a 3-end Tie-Break will be played
At the start of the Tie-Break, the winner of a coin toss decides to take the mat on End 1 or End 2
Their opponents take the mat on the end not chosen
In the Tie-Break, only 1 shot per end is scored
If the first 2 ends of the Tie-Break are shared, a coin toss decides who has the mat in the deciding third end

Round 1
by 7th June
Quarter Finals
by 12th July
Semi Finals
by 16th Aug
31 Aug & 01 Sep
H. Varley
B. Cansell
QF1 SF1 F1
G. G-Alesbury
A. Cherrier
K. Johnson
F. Greene
R.J. Uwins
A.A. Rice
R.G. Uwins
D. Cansell
J. Dye
J. Diggens
F. Webster
S. Wey
SF4 F2
L. Webster
H. Tappenden
G. Iles
P. Tappenden
K. Palmer
F. Smith