Competition Rules

  1. First named player(s) in the draw are the Challengers; the second named player(s) are the Opponents.
    Challenger(s) are encouraged to arrange dates at the earliest opportunity.
  2. Challenger(s) must give Opponent(s) three dates, only one of which may be a Saturday or Sunday morning. At least 72 hours notice must be given before the first date. If no dates are offered within 7 days of the closing date then the Opponent(s) can offer a date within the time frame of the round.
  3. All games must be played to the Bowls England rules of the game.
  4. Starting times of the game must be by mutual consent, the earliest start on weekdays is 2pm, or┬áSaturday / Sunday’s after 10am, but consideration must be made for those that work.
  5. Opponent(s) must accept one of the three dates, unless a further convenient date is arranged by mutual consent before the closing date of the round.
  6. Failure to accept any of the offered dates or to mutually agree an alternative date will result in the Opponent(s) being eliminated.
  7. All score cards must be signed by ALL Players, and show All players names, date played, name of the competition and score, and then be placed in the box provided.
  8. Any dispute must be referred to the Competition Committee, who in very exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the Competition Committee, can allow an extension of a maximum of TWO days.
  9. Challenger(s) will be responsible for booking a rink.
  10. Challenger will be responsible, in singles competition, for providing a marker, who must not be a relative of either player, except by mutual consent.

Please do not enter competitions if you are not available over Finals Weekend.

Revised December 2017